Moments of Clarity

Moments of Clarity

Kayla bell

Through the shared experiences of strength, hope and perseverance, these are the stories of alcoholics and their journey to sobriety. Focused on what it was like, what happened and what it’s like now, these stories are the first-hand accounts of alcoholics and their Moments of Clarity. Moments of Clarity celebrates the lives of alcoholics who have found sobriety and reminds us that while the journey may seem impossible, there is life waiting on the other side. 

As you listen, parts of this podcast will feature the voices and stories of those a part of the East Side Alano Club. Thank you to the members who trusted me with their stories and experiences. I hope you enjoy.

*Moments of Clarity does not speak for any 12 Step Community. It represents only itself. The individuals of whom share their experiences, strength and hope speak for themselves and no one else. This podcast is here for those who wish to come along for the ride. Take what you want and leave what you will. Thank you for listening.

Progress Pictures

In the first episode, we listen as our alcoholics share their stories and experiences of what life was like before sobriety… Before their Moments of Clarity. Focused on the disease that is alcoholism, this episode highlights what life is like for an alcoholic before the journey to sobriety. 

After hearing about what life is like before sobriety, the second episode highlights our alcoholics as they share their first-hand accounts of their journey into sobriety. This episode is about what happened… Their Moments of Clarity.

And finally, in the third and final episode, we dive into what life is like for our alcoholics today… Living life on life’s terms. Sharing their stories and experiences of what life is like now, our alcoholics describe what sobriety means to them as they live life one day at a time.

In addition, this podcast features a bonus episode for those who would like to listen. As a follow-up to the last three episodes, this bonus episode shares the stories and experiences of those personally affected by the disease that is alcoholism. This episode is about the members of Al-Anon as they share with us how they live and let live.